Climate Reframe: Amplifying BAME Voices in the UK Environmental Movement
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The Climate Reframe project will highlight some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and UK based Indigenous Peoples who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK.

Their diverse roles include the following:

  • Activists & Campaigners
  • Business & Entrepreneurs
  • Community Organisers
  • Cultural Creatives
  • Environmentalists & Naturalists
  • Journalists & Writers
  • Legal Experts
  • Policy Experts & Academics
  • Political Candidates
  • Scientists & Technologists
  • Urban Planners & Architects
  • Youth Activists

This list is by no means exhaustive and we could have included 100 different people, and have many still to discover. It’s not meant to be the the final word on the subject, but the beginning of a recognition of all the amazing people out there with something invaluable to contribute.


The climate crisis is one of the most urgent and crucial issues in the UK public agenda but the representation of BAME climate experts invited to add their voices and perspectives in the media, at climate conferences, and working groups is desperately lacking.

We want to make it easier for media, funders, conferences and campaigns to find them and strengthen their work by including their expertise and perspectives throughout 2020 in environmental and climate reporting and in the lead upto the COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow.

The environmental movement in the UK needs to reflect the political and social realities facing BAME communities. We want to give a platform to BAME environmentalists who propose both strategies and solutions for dealing with the climate crisis. This platform will help create a pathway towards more BAME expertise and perspectives in the media.

Who has put this together? Please see the Contacts and Credits section.

Contacts and credits:


Climate Reframe was initiated by the people behind Mary Robinson’s feminist climate podcast, Mothers of Invention, at Doc Society in London with the input of researchers, campaigners and activists in the climate community (thank you all).

For Doc Society, Aisha Younis (now a full time MA Environmental student at Sussex University) has led alongside our climate justice consultant, Suzanne Dhaliwal. Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and ideas to put the list together.

Aisha Younis
Aisha Younis
Suzanne Dhaliwal
Suzanne Dhaliwal

The project was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Solberga Foundation.

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Thanks to you for reading and to everyone who will help get this PDF into circulation.


Climate Reframe is intended as a community project to be shared and is open ended to ensure we can continue to build this community of experts. If you or your organisation is interested in helping take the work forward, please get in touch.


To connect with the Climate Reframe community, please send an email to with the following information. Interested Reframers will contact you directly.

  • Name:*
  • Affiliation, Position:*
  • Email address:*
  • Description of opportunity:*
  • Estimated time commitment:*
  • Is this a paid opportunity?:*

If you are interested in supporting the Climate Reframe initiative, please email

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Follow the #ClimateReframe conversation on Mothers of Invention's social media